Video Production


Put simply, cinematography is the art of making motion pictures. For our crew, though, it goes much deeper than that. At PicSix Creative, we tell stories and cinematography is an essential part of storytelling. Camera movement, camera placement, composition, and lighting all come together to evoke an emotional response. We can tell stories in fifteen seconds for social media or thirty minutes for a national documentary. While much of what we do revolves around athletics, we don’t just shoot sports – we tell stories about athletes. Everyone has a story to tell and our passion is telling that story.


To tell someone a story is to cement an idea – an emotion – in their mind. This applies to all disciplines, subjects, and walks of life.  With our mantra of “story first” and our background of compelling, Emmy-Award winning human-interest features, we know how best to tell your story. We have an experienced team of editors capable of all post-production services, including story development, sound mixing/design, color correction/grading, and more. We believe in dedication to the details, staying purpose-driven, and exploring all visual and auditory techniques to immerse the viewer.

Everyone has a story. Let us tell yours.

PicSix Creative, Buffalo, NY